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“ When it comes to places to list a podcast, JioSaavn was always on top of my list. Where else would you get a chance to reach out to millions of users, from not only the culturally diverse landscape of India, but all over the world? I’m immensely thankful that I get to hone my craft, and showcase it to this eclectic, and amazing user base. Listeners from all walks of life have reached out to me on social media telling me how my podcast has impacted them, and I couldn’t be happier that my content is striking a chord with listeners! JioSaavn has also impeccably marketed my content, making sure that my podcasts reach the right people, and that was really important to me because I wanted my content to make an impact in people’s lives - and thanks to JioSaavn, it has. ”

- Kirthi


JioSaavn has become my voice for millennials with my show "Talking Music - Punjabi". It is a show that highlights the inner journey of an artist's life. Anyone who listens to it once, becomes a part of it. Tune in for the Love for Music, Life and Laughter. Right from producing the show to promoting it, the JioSaavn team are great partners at every step. I look forward to working with them for many more seasons.

- Sufi Ahuja


I love having JioSaavn as a home for my podcast. Sharing my cultural perspectives and adventures on relocating to India no holds barred with my listeners. And hope to shed some light and explore topics deeper by also engaging audiences who may want to consider moving across borders and continents. JioSaavn is a platform that allows me to celebrate me and my journey by listing and helping produce my content in the most supportive yet liberated way. Listeners have also commented that they enjoy being able to find the podcast on a platform that is highly intuitive and one that they already use which is a win for everyone. I appreciate that JioSaavn takes special care to be sure that the people who need and are interested on my podcast can access it.

- Krishna

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